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Okay, so I know I already did an analysis for this scene, but there is one other one that I really needed to share. It’s going by gif and it’s gonna be pretty long. So grab something to eat, you’re going to be reading a while. Let’s go gif by gif shall we?

1. This is the only one that is not in the same “timeframe” as the others. This is kind of a prologue to this whole analysis. This gif summarizes how Kristoff is leaving Anna because he thinks that leaving her is best for her. During the whole trip, I don’t think Kristoff has seen that Anna was returning his feelings (we kind of do, but he doesn’t see or realize it). Their was no proof. And since she had talked so highly of Hans, thats who he left her with. Even though he still doesn’t think the engagement is a good idea, he trusts Anna. And ignoring his broken heart, he leaves knowing that at least Anna was safe.

2. I wanted to use the gif when he sees the blizzard around the castle but this one was the next best thing. The thing that I really love about this scene (and this applies to the scenes after it) is that all Kristoff sees is a blizzard around the castle. He doesn’t know that Hans is evil, he doesn’t know that Anna is still freezing to death. He just sees this blizzard and is compelled to go rescue Anna. For all he knows she is actually fine and safe in the castle with Hans and is living happily ever after. But in this moment, he forgets all about Hans, the only thing on his mind is Anna and the blizzard that may be endangering her.

3. This gif is meant to be here as a bridge. It basically shows what Kristoff is going through for this girl who may actually be fine. This gif is supposed to represent how he ran through a blizard without turning back. In this scene he is extremely selfless. He risks being smashed by a boat and practically killed. He even risks loosing Sven, on of the most important things in his life. And I can’t stress enough that this is for someone who may actually be fine. He just wants to see that she’s okay. He wants to know that she is okay. He hopes that she is fine even if it’s with Hans. Because that is how selfless he is in this scene.

4. Four and Five are very similar but I decided to keep them apart anyways. In four he finally hears her. He hears Anna. And she’s yelling his name. HIS NAME. He doesn’t know what happened with Hans, but she sounds weak. Just look at his eyes widen in mixed emotions as his name is yelled out. Even though she is yelling his name, she is in danger. And this is what really worries Kristoff. Kristoff is looking around and blindly tried to follow her voice because he can’t see her. How does he know that he isn’t just make it up in his head? He doesn’t. But he follows it anyways, because it is the closest thing to Anna he has at the moment.

5. He sees Anna. He actually sees her. Look at his face soften, his eyes widen. He sees where she is. He sees how broken she is, how freezing, how weak she is. He is only a few meters away. He can reach her. He runs. He yells her name so that she knows that he is coming. He sees she’s not dead yet. She could be saved. He could still save her. This makes him run, run faster than he ever has. This makes an enemy of his favorite thing in the world: ice. This is the peak of Kristoff’s character development. This is where he hates ice, this is where he runs to help someone else, the is where he wants to save the girl, because he knows how much he needs her in his life.

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    I Feel Pretty

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    Transport Group Gala

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    Santino Fontana


Santino Fontana on auditioning for Frozen:

"So basically, all that they told me about the character was he’s super confident, perhaps overly confident, he needs to be able to sing with a "Broadway sound" and he’s really good with women, but he may have a dark side. I came into the sound studio and I was very nervous and I sang this."

This is so funny!! Love it!! :)

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